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And have not love!

1Corinthians 13 talks about Love. No matter how you read it it is a real challenge to live out what we are charged with in this passage. In recent times I have been internally challenged about my love for others. The passage tells me that even though I am one of the ‘good guys’ i.e I give my wealth away, I do all sorts of generally accepted good things etc this means nothing if I do not have love.
Now I think it’s only fair to declare what kind of love we are talking about, the model is the TRUE love we see in God’s extended hand towards us and not the lightweight so called love we read of and see demonstrated in many peoples live (mine included) today.
“My Lord, what love is this,That pays so dearly, That I, the guilty one, May go free!
Chorus: Amazing love, what sacrifice, The Son of God, given for me, My debt He pays, and my death He dies, That I might live, that I might live!
Verse 2: And so, they watched Him die, Despised, rejected, But oh, the blood He shed, Flowed for me!
Verse 3: And now, this love of Christ, Shall flow like rivers, So come wash your guilt away, Live again!”

It is so easy to think that we tick all of the boxes when it comes to loving others, however we often hide from some of the more difficult questions when it comes to love. This love, the one we are called to live in, under and by is pure, is deep and is wide. “… So high you can’t get over it so deep you cant get under it, so wide you can’t get round it…” as the kid’s chorus reminds us. Yet my love can be so shallow, you see my love is all about ME. God’s love is all about others (You and me and everybody).
Well I suppose there are some changes I can make if I were to try hard enough, however even though I put all my efforts together and pray for a good trade wind to blow it along, it won’t meet the requirements of what God intends for me in this passage. I need therefore to live in God’s love. That means I need to receive it first and then ask Him to live through me by His Holy Spirit.

Our lives are challenged each day by all sorts of new things. For those like me who are seeing the years pile up in terms of numbers, it is a bit scary that these new things and situations are coming along at a very fast rate. Race, disability and gender issues are all now quantified and so are impossible to ignore, and rightly so, however legislating for such things does nothing to deal with the difficulties we find in our hearts. When we allow God’s love to permeate through us and emanate from us we can more successfully deal with such issues.

Those of us who are ‘of the household of faith’ are not immune from such issues. We can find that there are those that we find who are difficult to love, our co-workers or those who as yet are in the world. His love shown to us is mirrored in the way in which we can reach out to those who are not perhaps our first choice of associate but with whom we are called to live and serve and relate to each day.

Having said all of this I often fall so far short of the standard and pray that somehow I can be more like the one who loves me with an everlasting love. “behold what love, what boundless love the Father hath bestowed, on sinners lost, that we should be now called the Sons of God”.

May we find Him who can share His love with us and through us to others in such a way that we bring him all the glory.


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