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Being Good News!

When we turn on the TV, radio or open a newspaper we will find representations of the news.   News stories will bring to our homes many worthy and some less worthy stories from around the world.   War, politics, tragedy and famine amongst the many as reporters and camera personnel try to get a scoop or at least a different angle on the news as they see it.

There is an event that has been missed by the broadsheets, the tabloids or even documentaries and News at Ten.   It is a story which has changed the world and the lives of countless people, many more people have been affected by this news than by any other news which has crossed a reporters notepad.  

There is a story of Good News, in fact the best news ever to reach the ears of mankind.   The news on God’s Son, Jesus Christ who left heaven to become a New and Living Way, making it possible for Man to become the sons of God.  

Jesus said at the outset of His ministry here on earth that he came for the very purpose of declaring Good News!  Luke 4:18-19 “… The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.   He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour ….”

Once we have received the Good News and the one who has declared it, namely Jesus Christ, we can then ourselves become good news to many as we share the message of the great love of God experienced in our lives.

Saul, who became Paul the Apostle found that he, a killer of Christians and a destroyer of the church, when he one day met Christ as he travelled to Damascus, Acts 26.   His life was revolutionised and he was to become the greatest church planter and a prolific writer of the New Testament.   The Ethiopian Eunuch after hearing Philip the evangelist share the scriptures was baptised and is believed to have been instrumental in bringing the Gospel to Africa.

God, through Jesus Christ, can change the hardest heart and the most remote community when those who hear the Good News respond to it and receive Christ as their Saviour and Lord.   Many modern day believers have been transformed by God’s Holy Spirit to become bearers of the Good News to communities around the world.   The Good News declared by Jesus is still active even after more than 2000 years.


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My Story:

The story of how I became a Christian:

I was born the identical twin son of a Scottish shepherd, we twins were the last born of our family, but the first boys and so we were loved and cared for by our parents and of course by our three elder sisters.   My parents were Church going Christians and so we were taken to church every Sunday, in fact we attended sometimes five services on a Sunday, the Sunday morning communion service, the afternoon service, Sunday school, bible class, the evening service and an after church rally in another church.   Far from being a day of rest, Sunday was the busiest day of the week.  We boys were full of energy and the time soon arrived that we would have preferred not to go to church at all; rather we would like to go and play with the other kids in the area.   Our parents were wise enough to persist with us and as a result we continued to go to church regularly on a Sunday and to mid week services as well.


The time came when I went off to college to study agriculture, a subject I loved.   My school years were not my happiest since I felt cooped up and was a bit of a day dreamer, maintaining my attention on the class work was a real problem for me and of course for my teachers.   The headmaster of the school told me on my last day (I had done so poorly in my education that I left at 15 years old with no formal qualifications) “you have done so poorly, I think you should leave school and not return, in fact with your level of education you are not even fit to sweep the streets”.  The problem was I believed him, and so when I started college I was less than confident, but I enjoyed the subject and did reasonably well.   I passed my course and began to look for a job.   I didn’t want to go home to find work there since I thought that if I could just make a new start on my own that I wouldn’t need to go to church so often.   I applied for a job on a farm nearby the city of Dundee in Scotland’s north east.   I loved the job and one Saturday I had a day off work; I went to the city to do some shopping.   In those days Dundee city centre was dominated by a concrete 70s built shopping centre called the Overgate Centre.   The different levels of the building had balconies which overlooked to the City Churches where street evangelists would preach on a Saturday afternoon.  


On my first visit to Dundee city centre in 1975 I was confronted by a group of people worshipping and preaching in the area between the City Churches and the Overgate Centre.   I was astounded, my first reaction was that if I was going to be a real Christian, this is the kind of Christian I wanted to be.   I stood and looked over the balcony above the group for a while and soon I was approached by a young man of similar age to myself, called Andrew.   He offered me a leaflet and I took it but told him I already was a Christian, he asked if I wanted to come back to the team base for a coffee, I declined and as I moved away, he said, “Well if you change your mind you will be welcome”.  I did some shopping and went back to my car, making ready to go home, however I wondered if I should take up the offer of coffee.   I wandered round to the centre where the team were unwinding and met the them.   Andrew was particularly pleased to see me and warmly welcomed me in and made sure I was comfortable.   I knew something special had happened to me that day, God had rescued me from my own foolishness and I committed mylife again to Him.


The more I got to know about these folks the more I liked the, I eventually got involved with them and began preaching in the streets in the same way as I had seen them preach.   Soon I was part of a growing youth church which grew from 6 people to 700+ over the next 20 years.   During the intervening years I was asked if I would like to go to help with an agricultural project in Uganda, Africa.   I jumped at the chance and eventually left my agricultural lecturers post to follow a new life serving in the church and in overseas missions.   During my first time in Africa in 1989, I was asked by a young man if I would become an ambassador for the poor, this request felt to me like God was calling me and is the reason I am now serving in Missions in the developing world.


The call of God on my life has been very strong, the call to preach the Good News about Jesus Christ, to teach discipleship and to serve the poor.  Jesus has helped me every step of the way, there have been times when life has been amazing, knowing God’s hand on my life and there have been very difficult and dark days too.   The day our son was killed in a motorcar accident is probably the darkest day of my life.   We loved him and he meant such a lot to us and to see him taken at 20 years of age was too much to bear, however God has helped us through this as well, we know that He is the most sure foundation for our lives and is the perfect judge of all mankind.  He will, I have no doubt, be the rock of our lives until our last breath.

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The News!

Fishin4God is committed to sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ.   There are many around the world who have as yet not heard The News and so our task is to try to remedy this.   Those who do hear this incredible News have one of a number of responses, some they reject it immediately, others they dont understand it, they receive it joyfully but are not focused and so lose it due to the events of their busy lives, others accept it but dont fully understand it due to its contrary message to current thinking and the money orientated philosophy of this world, then there are those who alow the message to reach deep within them and they are changed by it and continue on to serve God with their lives.

Take time to read what God has to say to you in the Bible, a good place to start is in John’s Gospel.   If you would like to discuss God’s message in more detail please contact us on fishingforgod@googlemail.com

Fishin4God has a webiste with all sorts interesting and useful information, to view this site click here.

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